Chris Hughes

Chris has played the drums since seeing Ringo Starr playing in the early 60s.

His playing is no frills and steeped in the blues.

He has appeared at Colne, Burnley and Maryport festivals and has been the driving force for the Power 3, The Upsetters, The Extras, Off the Rails and Soul Society.

Chris intends to hit the ground running with his blend of power and precision together with tasteful groove playing.


Chris plays Yamaha Recording custom drums and a Ludwig Black Beauty snare drum with Shure mikes and a mixture of Zildjian, Paiste and UFIP cymbals


Fred Below, Earl Palmer, Jimmy Vincent,Chris Columbus and of course Ringo

Lee Wharton

I have always loved music, from being a very small boy. The radio and charts in the early seventies where a mixture of all genres of musical styles, I seemed to love it all. The first musician I remember focusing on, was Elvis. Later in the seventies when punk emerged I was hooked. I got my first guitar at thirteen but I didn’t really start to play until I had just turned sixteen, this is when my Father’s friend started giving me a few lessons and he showed me how to tune a guitar properly, I had been tuning the guitar wrong up until then. Right at this time, May 1984, my Father brought home a Jimi Hendrix album called ”Loose Ends”. I was instantly hooked again, like I had been with punk. I totally got into playing guitar and I had found a great source of music inspiration in Jimi Hendrix.


I like all types of music from classical to punk. I really have a thing for jazz and blues, or anything that the African slaves developed in the USA, Gospel, Soul and Funk I’d put into that category too. I like music to have a good groove to the rhythm. The guitarists I admire are many, but I like bluesy guitar with an influx of jazziness to proceedings. I suppose that’s how I would describe my guitar style.

I formed the band in the 1990’s. We play the songs I have written and blues covers. And things are pretty much the same way today.

Nigel Watkins

Bass guitar has been a major part of my life since I was 14 years old.

I have added the bottom end to The Unknowns, The 5 Crestas, Children of the Ashes, Ruby Lazer and Off the Rails.

It’s  a great  pleasure to be playing a mixture of Classic Blues, Rock covers & Lee’s original tracks with After Hours.


Fender Jazz Bass,  Fender Bassman Pro Head & Cab, Fender S/Steel Flatwound .045-100


Jack Bruce, Andy Fraser, Duck Dunn, Bob Babbitt and of course James Jamerson