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Lee Wharton

Nigel Watkins

The After Hours Blues Band is a three piece blues rock band based in Preston in the North West of England. The band was formed in the late nineties and has an established following in the area that appreciate electric blues, blues/rock material.

Since then they have gone on to appear at many of the top blues venues in the North West and beyond. They have played at both the Burnley R&B and Colne Great British Blues festivals; at both the road house venues and the main stages. In 2009 they opened on the British Stage at Colne for the famous Blues Matters Magazine.

In July 2010 they made their first foray into Scotland where they appeared at the Dundee Blues Bonanza, probably Europe’s largest free blues festival. They have appeared on BBC local radio on several occasions, and have had their work played on radio stations as far afield as Argentina, Australia, and the USA.

After Hours Blue Band play a growing collection of their own original songs, reworked versions of blues classics, plus a few ‘almost’ covers of more ‘popular’ material from artists like Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

After Hours Blues Band's appearance on BBC Radio Lancashire.

Check out some of our songs:

  1. Mercy Mercy
  2. Wishing Well
  3. The Walk
  4. Night Falls

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