Blues in the North West

It was great to see Lee Wharton and the band again, they were in superb form and delighted the packed crowd at BJ’s.
I first heard them back in late May 2011 and I was very impressed then. Ann Batty on drums has grown from strength to strength and gave a succinct performance she just gets better and better.

Doug Long on bass guitar and electric double bass has been around for a while and is a very established musician, playing all styles
of music, but a true blues bassist now.

Lee Wharton on lead guitar and lead vocal has blues blood in his veins, a student of the Jimi Hendrix school for creative music.
The band started off in the same way they left it in May, Brilliantly! “Paranoid Love Blues” was their opening number which set the mood for the evening. Hendrix numbers “Hey Joe”, “Foxy Lady” and “Voodoo Chile” were exceptionally crafted by Lee.

Their album is available entitled “Fall Down” and is a great buy for any blues collection. This band from Preston has delighted crowds where ever they appear and is well worth a look .